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Benjamin Moore® is exclusive technology for high-quality performance:


Colorafixe® technology binds colour pigments to the paint layer in a way that permanently locks colour, setting a new standard for durability and improving the spreading and fluidity properties of our paints.

The Gennex® system is a water-based dye system made with Benjamin Moore®’s proprietary resins . A unique competitive advantage, the Gennex® system strengthens the paint and offers it true resistance to repeated washing while preserving its original viscosity.

Labels guaranteeing sustainable manufacturing practices:

Cradle to Cradle©certification is given to products that meet the strict requirements in five categories:

  • Product safety
  • Reuse of the product,
  • Renewable energy and carbon management
  • Water management and social justice.

Asthma&Allergy friendly® certification for the Benjamin Moore Natural range, the most environmentally friendly paint without VOCs or emissions.


The Green Promise© designation from Benjamin Moore© provides assurance that our products meet or exceed stringent environmental and performance criteria including emissions, VOCs, application, washability, friction resistance and packaging. While offering the superior level of performance characteristic of Benjamin Moore products.


Green Seal® GS-11: A label that guarantees high standards of performance, reduced and/or recycled packaging, VOC levels and toxicity to humans.


The LEED® system, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the sustainable construction benchmark developed by the United States.
Used in many countries around the world, this sustainable construction program aims to highlight and promote the buildings that consume the least energy and are the most respectful of the environment.