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La couleur. quelques règles de base !


You can easily find yourself at a loss when faced with the choice of colors for your interior, so you should know certain rules so as not to get lost in their selections and their associations!

The colors are divided into three large sets, each of these sets will create a different perception of the space you are about to paint:

- Warm colors (Ex: red, orange, yellow, etc.) we find these in warm environments that are quick to express a notion of action and energy (Ex: living room, living room, etc.)

- Cold colors (Ex: blue, green, purple, etc.) are rather applied in environments where one seeks to establish a certain serenity, calm, and appeasement. (Ex: library, bedroom, etc.)

2037-20 Jade Green CC-842 Mistral 2073-30 Passion Plum

- Shades or neutrals (Ex: black, white, taupes, etc.) which are not strictly speaking considered colors, in fact black does not reflect any light to our eyes and therefore by definition has no no color, that's what makes it look black. White reflects all light spectra and is therefore not strictly speaking a color.

OC-65 Chantilly Lace HC-190 Black HC-100 Gloucester Sage



If your choice does not turn to a monochrome decor, it is important that we address here together the rule of 3 colors.


Most interior designer professionals agree that beyond three colors in the same space,the eye saturates and only sees confusion.

Using 3 colors is an excellent method to create a harmonious whole!
In some cases, the use of materials can replace one of these colors. The Scandinavian style is an edifying example with its famous light woods.

It is very important to think about that the colors vary according to their exposure to light (North, South, East, West), which is why the use of paint samples is a must in order to perceive the different shades of the shades you have selected, throughout the day under artificial and natural light.

We recommend the use of our Benjamin Moore© paint samples in the smart format (236 ml)!

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