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Regal select : our range that has become classic


The best choice for your interior paint project

Flasship product since more than 50 years in the US, Regal Select offers a superior performance and an application ease which made the success of this paint which has become a classic, adding to this the benefits of Benjamin Moore’s avant-garde technologies.

The Regal Select interior range is a vote of confidence designed for an easy clean-up and an excellent resistance to friction ; it is available in a wide choice of colors and finishes. Thanks to our exclusive water-based resin and VOC-free colorants, Regal Select is an advanced coating formula allying primer and paint.

Regal Select paint characteristics
  • Stain-blocking technology, easier clean-up by rubbing less
  • Excellent coverage, and high spreading ratio for a uniform finish
  • Easy and smooth application
  • All-in-one paint and primer
  • Moisture resistant
  • The best choice for busy places like kitchens, halls, living rooms…
  • No VOC, very low odor
  • Available in : Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Pearl, and Semi-Gloss finishes
Order now one of the best paints on the market !

With a choice of more than 3500 colors and 5 levels of shine, create the interior that matches your style, and which will last for years with Regal Select.